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10/16 FIVE Lesson

Dear OC community,

We had another successful FIVE lesson this Friday. While several tutors were absent, they notified us beforehand and we were able to coordinate the lesson. I would especially like to thank those tutors who displayed their adaptability by substituting for other tutors. A huge thank you as well to Ms. Tang for chaperoning the lesson and to all the following tutors for their hard work and enthusiasm!

(12) Brandon Y. (12) Caroline C. (12) Harris C. (12) Jingyi N. (12) Melissa C. (12) Michael W. (12) Mitchell W. (12) Patricia P. (12) Stephen H. (12) William H. (11) Bryan L. (11) Cassandra Y. (11) Jonathan H. (11) Kurt P. (10) Anne T. (10) Ethan C. (10) Matthew L. (10) Nicole L. (10) Ruei-En T. (10) Shereen L. (9) Evelyn L.

Sincerely, Isabelle Y. (12) FIVE Chairperson 16-17

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