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11/25 Cathwel Babies Outing

Dear OC Community,

The Cathwel Babies outing that took place on 11/25/17 went pretty good. Even though some people didn’t show up, the substitutes were fantastic. The substitutes did as good, if not, better than the people who couldn’t come to the second outing. Anyways, the outing was in order like the 1st outing. We played with the kids, ate some pot stickers, rested, played some more. This outing couldn’t be possible without Ms. Lin, who went over the 國字 that I don’t know how to read. We were also accompanied by Mr. Tsai and Ms. Pannell. It was a pleasure to get to know them more and have them help serve as overseers. Mr. Arnold of course had the driver’s gifts ready for me to take. Last but not least, Ms. Shieh helped out with ordering lunch, getting the baby list, as well as overseer the students. To end on a high note, this outing couldn’t be possible without the following:

Juliane C. (12)

Erica L. (12)

Chris L. (12)

Renee C. (10)

Erica C. (10)

Yasmin L. (10)

Megan L. (9)

Dokyong R. (9)

Ting-Yu Y. (9)

Lucy K. (9)

Jackie S. (9)

Stella C. (9)

Natalie S. (9)

Emily H. (7)

Carrie H. (7)

Thank you all!

Derek S. (12) (Cathwel Babies Chair 2017-2018)

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