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2019 Spring Flea Market

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On April 27th, we had our Flea Market. We sold 42 tables in the cafeteria, MPR hallway, and inside the MPR. We also had our own booths in the cafeteria as well as a booth selling baked goods and coffee in the MPR. We earned a grand total 104,008NT!

Thank you to Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, the Children Are Us Foundation, and Ms. Adarsh Sharma and Ms. Payal Gurbani for agreeing to rent tables in the MPR and sell their food.

Thank you to Mr. Arnold and Ms. Ting for helping coordinate for restaurants. We also want to thank Mr. Wasylin, Mr. Lee, Ms. Liu, and Ms. Goodrich for helping out at the sale.

Thank you to everyone who came to help:

Zoe Y. (8)

Sienna C. (9)

Reine C. (9)

Vera F. (9)

Ivy L. (9)

Rachel Y. (9)

Charlotte Y. (9)

Tiffany T. (10)

Brian C. (10)

Ting-Yu Y. (10)

Erin H. (10)

Gemma C. (10)

Julianne V. (10)

William G. (10)

Amanda T. (10)

Chloe Y. (11)

Yasmin L. (11)

Isaac C. (11)

George L. (12)

Eddie M. (12)

Anne T. (12)

Ethan C. (12)

Matthew L. (12)

Arthur C. (12)

Jeremy T. (12)

Thank you everyone for your hard work! Without your help we couldn't have had such a successful Flea Market!


Jackie S. (10) & Rachel N. (10)

Flea Market Chairpersons 18-19

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