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Hidden Taipei Project

On Saturday February 18, four OC members, joined by Ms. Tsai and Mr. Arnold took the “Hidden Taipei” street tour. It is a walking tour organized by The Homeless Taiwan Association. They walked around Taipei Main Station to see the different Taipei through the eyes of homeless people. Here are the reflections from our members:

  1.  After participating in this tour, I learned to appreciate what I can easily access every day and to utilize my privilege to help others in need. This tour was imperative as it changed my perspective of homeless people by helping me understand the life of homeless people on much deeper levels than I originally had. After listening to Mr. Jia’s story, I have been inspired by him. Despite having been confronted with economic challenges, the entrenched stigma of homeless people, and uncertainty regarding his life, he still worked his hardest with an optimistic attitude.

  1. This tour allowed me to understand the challenges and discrimination that homeless people go through on a daily basis. I was inspired by how sincere and hardworking Mr.Jia was despite having to live in such harsh conditions, and it was touching to hear how homeless people kept their humanity even after having to survive rough transitions. 

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