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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Taipei American School Orphanage Club is to aid the underprivileged community beyond the school walls through financial donations and compassionate interactions. By alleviating the suffering of people with disadvantaged backgrounds and social statuses, students come to realize that sacrifice adds meaning to their lives. Members gain the skills to cooperate and negotiate through participation in a variety of group activities. By enriching the community, Orphanage Club members learn to respect the values of others and to appreciate what they themselves have.

History of the Orphanage Club

Taipei American School student, Barbara Sharp, and a handful of other students, accompanied by Mr. Richard Arnold, founded the Taipei American School Orphanage Club in December 1970 to assist the children at Chung-Yi Orphanage. Chung-Yi Orphanage was left out of the list of orphanages that were getting a Christmas Party. Barbara Sharp believed that this was unfair and created Orphanage Club to help Chung-Yi Orphanage. Since then, Orphanage Club has grown beyond just Chungy-Yi Orphanage, and now hosts a variety of events and participates in projects that serve to help the underprivileged community in Taiwan and around the world.

The Orphanage Club currently donates to a range of charities and orphanages around the world, including Oxfam America, Holt International, Salvation Army Taiwan, World Vision Taiwan, Puli Christian Hospital (埔里基督教醫院) and St. Marcellin's Children's Village.

The Orphanage Club does not receive any direct funding from the Taipei American School's administrative budget. Thus, each year with approximately 150 members and 20 committee chairs, the Orphanage Club spends countless hours raising funds through various events and activities. Our devoted and committed members have assisted us in our long history of donating over $2,500,000 USD ($75,000,000 NTD) to these organization's throughout our 53 years of service. The Orphanage Club has dedicated its existence to serving the needy, as each member and chairperson vows to make the world a better place.

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