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PSB (Pearl S. Buck)

Chairpersons: Carrie H.(11), Isabella L.(11)

Working with the Pearl S. Buck (PSB) Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan (財團法人台北市賽珍珠基金會), the Orphanage Club hosts an annual PSB Christmas Party the Sunday before Christmas, where we invite over 600 underprivileged families from all over Taiwan to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch. At the end of the fun-filled party, which includes many games and performances, each child receives the gift that they requested for Christmas. We also present six children (selected by PSB) who have exemplified exceptional character with scholarships. As families exit the party, each child receives a goodie bag with stationery and snacks, creating a memorable Christmas for all. 



Chairpersons: Sabrina L.(11), Nathan L.(12)

The publicity committee is responsible for publicizing the club’s major events and managing its online presence. This committee is divided into two roles: design and tech. The design head helps create flyers for events and activities, designs thank you cards for those who have supported Orphanage Club, and manages our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). The tech head helps manage and update this website!

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Chairpersons: Reine C.(12)

The goal of the Flea Market committee is to rent out tables to the TAS community such as parents, students, teachers, staff members and alumni for them to sell their goods. During the weeks before the sale, we are in the MPR hallway renting out tables. On the day of the flea market, we help unload and bring the sellers’ items to their table in preparation for the sale. OC also has their own booth to sell donations. All proceeds from our Flea Market go towards funding other OC events or donations to organizations in need.

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Chairperson: Katharine L.(11), Kristine C.(11)

The goal of the Book Sale Committee is to raise money by selling the book donations we receive to support other committees in the club, such as outings. The book sale is held every spring. Prior to this sale, a vast amount of time and energy must be put into organizing and pricing the items so they may be ready for purchase. We sell all genres of books for all ages in many different languages. 

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Chairpersons: Austin L.(11), Katie C.(11)

The Pack and Mail committee is in charge of organizing workdays to pack and mail supplies to underprivileged families all around Taiwan. We have been sending basic necessities, such as rice, soy sauce, and soap, to Orchid Island for over 40 years. We also go on shopping trips to Di Hua Jie (迪化街) and Carrefour to purchase food that is sent to the 30 poorest families in Taiwan for Chinese New Year. More recently, we have been donating and mailing supplies to a food bank in Taitung (台東).

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Chairperson: Bruce L.(11), Chloe L.(10)

The Hunger Week committee is in charge of organizing a week of events twice per school year (fall and spring) to raise awareness about hunger and encourage people to not waste food. To do so, we set up a donation booth in front of the lobby for the school community to donate money that goes to Oxfam America, World Vision Taiwan, and the American Friends Service Committee. We also give Hunger Lessons to Lower School students to teach them about global hunger and food waste. Specific to the fall semester, we organize a Hunger Assembly where we invite a guest speaker to talk to Upper School students about the different aspects of hunger. Specific to the spring semester, we collaborate with the Art Department to sell bowls and mugs and to hold an art auction to raise money for a charity of their choice, most recently being Do You A Flavor (人生百味).

Games and Gifts.JPG


Chairpersons: Brian C.(11), Carrie H.(11)

The Games and Gifts committee is in charge of preparing over 300 goodie bags and 350 requested gifts that are given out to the children during the annual PSB Christmas Party. We organize Angel Trees, which are Christmas trees set up in front of divisional offices during the fall, to enlist the help of the school community in buying gifts for the children. We also organize the buying of gifts for the children at the Chung Yi and Cathwel Orphanages for their respective Chinese New Year parties. In addition, we also set up OC’s game booths at the annual Food Fair and Spring Fair.



Chairpersons (left to right): Nathan L.(12), Chloe H.(10), Andrew H.(12)

FIVE (Friday Impaired Vision English) is a program where dedicated TAS Middle and Upper school students visit the Taipei Municipal School for the Visually Impaired (TMSVI) every Friday night from 6:00 to 7:30pm. Through one-on-one conversations and tutoring, FIVE members help strengthen their students’ ability to use English in academic and social settings. FIVE members not only share valuable knowledge but also learn important lessons from their students. There are around 20 lessons per year, including two parties at the end of each semester to celebrate all the hard work the students do during the year.

Cathwel Boys.JPG


Boys Chairpersons: Celine Y.(12), Kate H.(11)
(Hover!) Babies Chairpersons: Charlene C.(9), Jay Ann K.(11

Cathwel is a hands-on experience in which members take orphans ages 1~6 (babies) or 8~17 (boys) from the Cathwel Orphanage out for a day of fun in Taipei! Cathwel Boys have visited museums, amusement parks, and pools, while Cathwel babies have visited parks and played in the school playgrounds. This is a long term commitment in which members have the opportunity to build a relationship with a baby or boy they are paired with. Our committee’s goal is to allow these kids to enjoy a fun experience like other kids their age would, and to facilitate member-kid bonding so they feel valued and loved.

Chung Yi (2).JPG


Chairpersons: Dylan L.(11), Anita T.(11)

One Sunday each month, a group of Orphanage Club members go on an outing with children from the Chung Yi Orphanage to do fun activities such as ice skating, swimming, hiking, or playing in the school gym or playground. There are two categories of Chung Yi outings - one with big kids (12-18 years old) and one with little kids (3-12 years old). Each OC member is paired with a child from Chung Yi for the outing. During these outings, we hope to make a difference in these children’s lives and put smiles on their faces. Chung Yi is not a commitment, so everyone is welcome to come to any outing!



Mr. Arnold & Ms. Ting
MS Sponsor: Ms. Wong

Cabinet 2020-2021

Presidents: Ivy L., Sienna C., Vera F.
Vice Presidents: Andrew H., Jay Ann K.

Secretaries: Anita T., Sabrina L.
Treasurers: Carrie H., Kristine C.