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1/13 Book Workday

Dear OC Community,

On January 13th, we had the first Book Workday before the Book sale. Overall, the workday was successful as we managed to sort out most of the rummage items in the basement. Several members came throughout the day to help us as well. Thank you to everyone who came to help and we hope to see you during the next book workday as well!

Thank you to the following members!

(12) Cassandra Y.

(12) Bryan L.

(12) Melody C.

(12) Clarence A.

(12) Kurt P.

(11) Matthew L.

(11) Arthur C.

(11) Anne T.

(11) William O.

(11) Andrew C.

(11) April T.

(10) Annie C.

(10) Chloe Y.

(10) Isaac C.

(10) Renee C.

(10) Yasmin L.

(9) Rachel N.

(9) Tiffany T.

(9) Julianne V.

(9) Ting-Yu Y.

(9) Ian H.

(9) Dokyong R.

(9) Jackie S.

(7) Zoe Y.


Rummage Chairpersons 2017-2018

William O. (11) & Matthew L. (11)

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