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1/20 Cathwel Boys Outing

Dear OC Community,

On Saturday January 20th, 2018, Cathwel Boys had our third outing which went as smoothly as did the first two. In the morning, we brought the kids back to TAS’s Kindergarten Cave where we held performances and handed New Year’s presents out, many of which were kindly bought and wrapped by TAS Kindergarteners. We then took them to the MS gym to help them work up an appetite for lunch; which, was eaten at the beautiful Mellow Fields hotel where they enjoyed a fruitful meal. Shortly after, it was time for shopping! We split up the small kids to go shop at Banana Jeans & Co. and the big kids to shop at NET and Jans Sport. We ended the day with huge smiles on all the kid’s faces after they had bought their most favorite clothes. We would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Ada Ong from NET for the 30% discount, the owner of Jans Sport, and the owner of Banana Jeans & Co. for offering us discounts as well. Many thanks, as always, for Mr. Richard Arnold and Ms. Anna Shiao for sponsoring the outing. And a huge thank you to all the TAS Kindergarteners who so kindly bought and wrapped many of the gifts!

Also, thank you to everyone who made this outing a great one!

Annie C. (10)

April T. (11)

Arthur C. (11)

Audrey Y. (11)

Caroline C. (11)

Catherine C. (11)

Charlotte C. (11)

Ethan C. (11)

Jason W. (11)

Joon K. (11)

William O. (11)

Bryan L. (12)

Elsa L. (12)

Melody C. (12)

Ray C. (12)

Scott K. (12)

Simon O. (12)

Yours Sincerely,

Eddie M. (11) & Anne T. (11)

Cathwel Boys Chairpersons (2017-2018)

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