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1/7 Cathwel Boys Outing

Dear OC Community,

We had a fantastic outing on January 7th, 2017. In the morning we took the kids to the Small Theater and distributed their Christmas gifts. They were all very excited to receive them and share their presents with the members. We went to the Mellow Field Hotel and had a very nice lunch as the food was great and by the end, everyone was very full. Special thanks to Ms. Ada Ong for generously sponsoring our lunch! In the afternoon we bought clothes for the kids at Net, Banana Jeans, and Jansport. The boys were very happy with their new clothes in preparation for the New Year. A big thank you to the Games & Gifts chairpersons, Ruchel and Anne, for preparing the presents for our outing. It was a successful outing. Thank you Mr. Arnold and Ms. Shiao for chaperoning our outing!

Thank you for the following people who came on this outing:

(12) Andreas Yau

(12) Thomas Fujimoto

(12) Victoria Pi

(12) Bryan Yang

(11) Simon Oh

(11) Ray Chiao

(11) Scott Kang

(11) Bryan Lo

(10) Emily Kao

(10) William Ok

(10) Ethan Chen

(10) Eddie Margolis

(10) April Tsai

(10) Joon Kim

(10) Anne Tan

(10) Bianca Tseng


Cathwel Boys Chairperson 2016-2017

Patricia P. (12) & Melody C. (11)

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