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10/1 Chungyi Outing

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On Sunday October 1st, the Chungyi committee held it’s first outing of this school year. We brought the kids from Chungyi Orphanage to Taipei Children’s Amusement park in the morning, came back to Taipei American school to have lunch, and played in the kindergarten cave for the afternoon before sending the kids home. Both the kids and the TAS students had fun at the amusement park and back at school.  Thank you to Mr. Arnold and Ms. Chao for sponsoring and chaperoning the outing, and thanks to all the members who made the outing a great success:

Zoe Y. (7)

Emily H. (7)

Ting-Yu Y. (9)

Sophia D. (9)

Nicole S. (9)

Natalie S. (9)

Charlotte L. (9)

Julianne V. (9)

Stella C. (9)

Dokyong R. (9)

Christine L. (9)

Chloe Y. (10)

Sharon K. (11)

Sarah S.  (11)

Emily K. (11)

Arthur C. (11)

Alex K. (11

Matthew L. (11)

Andrew C. (11)

Julian W. (11)

Brenden L. (11)

Bryan L. (12)

Garett H. (12)

Melody C. (12)

Best regards,

April Tsai & Ethan Chen

Chungyi Chairperson, 2017-18

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