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10/14 Cathwel Babies Outing

Dear OC Community,

We had our first Cathwel Babies outing of the year on Oct. 14th 2017. Since I was downstairs most of the time, I can confirm that everyone had a very interactive and fun experience with their kids. In my few check-ups on the upstairs, I’ve found some kids crying…crying because their big sister left to use the restroom. It’s amazing how fast the members bonded with their kid on the very first outing. From what I heard from Mrs. Shieh, the upstairs was under control, Without a doubt, the outing wouldn’t have been successful if it weren’t for Mrs. Shieh, Ms. Lin, Mr. Benson, and Mr. Arnold. Ms. Shieh was the one who went through all through all the lunch preparations. Ms. Lin checked over my “Thank You” card for errors. Mr. Benson made his impact through intense interaction with the children downstairs, as well as accompanying me to the interviews. Mr. Arnold took care of the driver’s gift and participated in the interviews as well. Of course, the outing wouldn’t be possible without its members, thank you all!

(12) Juliane C.

(12) Erica L.

(12) Sujin P.

(10) Chloe Y.

(10) Yasmin L.

(10) Erica C.

(9) Megan L.

(9) Doykong R.

(9) Rachel N.

(9) Lucy K.

(9) Jackie S.

(9) Amanda T.

(9) Natalie S.

(9) Christine L.

(7) Emily H.

(7) Carrie H.


Cathwel Babies Chairpersons 2017-2018

Derek S. (11)

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