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10/14 Cathwel Boys Outing

Dear OC Community,

On October 14th, 2017, Cathwel Boys had our first outing of the year. Though it rained throughout the day, as most events were planned to be held indoors anyways, the outing was still a huge success! In the morning, we took the kids to E7PLAY in Xinzhuang and they had a lot of fun bowling, playing pool, playing video games, and competing in a whole array of arcade games. We then took them to Jenny’s right up Tienmu North Road and they had a scrumptious lunch with everyone feeling full. Soon after, we took the boys to the Upper School Gym and played basketball, tennis, and a bunch more other sports/games with the kids. Lastly, as we drove back, the kids were treated to a nice selection of different flavored ice-creams from red bean to yogurt. We would like to give a special thanks to the fitness gym instructor that was clocked in at around 2 in the afternoon as he graciously helped us with an incident and helped the kid tremendously. Huge thank you Mr. Arnold and Ms. Shiao for chaperoning and sponsoring our outing!

Also, thank you to everyone who came to this outing!

(12) Bryan L.

(12) Elsa L.

(12) Melody C.

(12) Ray C.

(11) April T.

(11) Arthur C.

(11) Audrey Y.

(11) Catherine C.

(11) Charlotte C.

(11) Ethan C.

(11) Glenda F.

(11) Jason W.

(11) Joon K.

(11) Sarah S.

(11) William O.

(9) Felicia Y.


Cathwel Boys Chairpersons 2017-2018

Anne T. (11) & Eddie M. (11)

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