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10/21 FIVE Lesson

Dear OC Community,

On 21 October, the FIVE committee had its fifth lesson. Despite a number of tutors being away for various reasons such as IASAS, the lesson went rather smoothly. We would like to thank Mr. Arnold and Ms. Hsu for chaperoning this lesson, as well the tutors below for their time and dedication to the program:

(12) Brandon Y

(12) Caroline C.

(12) Harris C.

(12) Melissa C.

(12) Michael W.

(12) Mitchell W.

(12) Thomas H.

(12) William H.

(11) Bryan L.

(11) Cassandra Y.

(11) Jonathan H.

(11) Kurt P.

(10) Anne T.

(10) Ethan C.

(10) Matthew L.

(10) Nicole L.

(10) Ruei-En T.

(10) Shereen L.

(10) Sherry C.

(7) Camryn R.


Jingyi Ng & Isabelle Yen

Co-President 2016-17, FIVE Chairperson 2016-17

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