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10/28 Flea Market

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On October 28th, we had our Flea Market. We helped unload the costumers’ items and had a mini rummage sale in the cafeteria and MPR hallway. We sold items such as toys, new items, and big items. Thanks to the chairs and members’ hard work we manage to earn 23,341 NT for the mini rummage sale, 90,700 for Flea Market Registration Tables, and 7,400 NT donations. We earned a total of 121,441 NT in this Flea Market. Special thanks to Ms. Koh, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Wasylin, Mr. Mulroy, Mr. Moraquez, Ms. Chang, the custodial staff, and everyone one else who helped.

Thank you to all the following members who attended:

(12) Bryan L.

(12) Melody C.

(12) Melody L.

(11) April T.

(11) Arthur C.

(11) Caroline C.

(11) Charlotte C.

(11) Eddie M.

(11) Ethan C.

(11) Jeremy T

(11) Jonathan H.

(11) Matthew L.

(11) William O.

(10) Annie C.

(10) Chloe Y.

(10) Isaac C.

(10) Yasmin L.

(9) Amanda T.

(9) Annie B.

(9) Felicia Y.

(9) Julianne V.

(9) Preston T.

(9) Rachel N.

(9) Tiffany T.

(9) Ting-Yu Y.

(8) Emily H.

(8) Zoe Y.


Cassandra Y. (12)

Flea Market Chairperson 17-18

Jackie S. (9)

Flea Market Assistant 17-18

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