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11/10 FIVE Reassessment

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On Friday November 10th, the FIVE program held its last English tutoring lesson for the 2017-18 school year at the Taipei Municipal School for the Visually Impaired. The lesson went well. The next event held by the FIVE committee will be the Christmas party on December 8th.

Thank you to Ms. Hsu for overseeing the lesson and planning the party, and thank you to all the tutors who came:

Melody C. (12)

Bryan L. (12)

Carolyn S. (12)

Cassandra Y. (12)

Jonathan H. (12)

Matthew L. (11)

Anne T. (11)

Arthur C. (11)

Christopher C. (11)

Claire T. (11)

Ethan C. (11)

George L. (11)

Jeremy T. (11)

Rachel C. (11)

Renee W. (11)

Sherry C. (11)

Wendy X. (11)

Nicole L. (11)

Annie C. (10)

Cindy L. (10)

Do Kyong R. (9)

Jack B. (9)

Rachel N. (9)

Richard W. (9)

Nyah R. (8)


Kurt Peng

FIVE Chairperson 2017-18

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