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11/11 Pack and Mail Workday

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On November 11th, we had our Pack and Mail workday. We packed basic necessities such as warm clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap into newspaper packages and packed them into boxes to ship to Orchid Island. With the help of the members, chairs, parents, and scouts, we were able to send 107 boxes. Special thanks to Ms. Mr. Arnold.

Thanks to all the following members who attended:

Melody C. (12)

Bryan L. (12)

Ruchel P. (12)

Matthew C. (12)

Jing T. (12)

Clarence A. (12)

Derek S. (12)

Juliane C. (12)

Kurt P. (12)

Andrew C. (11)

Jeremy T. (11)

Anne T. (11)

George L. (11)

Jonathan H. (11)

William O. (11)

Matthew L. (11)

Chloe Y. (10)

Isaac C. (10)

Annie C. (10)

Yasmin L. (10)

Ting-Yu Y. (9)

Tiffany T. (9)

Jackie S. (9)

Rachel N. (9)

Amanda T. (9)

Julianne V. (9)

Kevin H. (9)

Ian H. (9)

Ian H. (9)

Zoe Y. (7)

Emily H. (7)

Audrey H. (7)

Madeline L. (7)


Melody Lo

Pack and Mail Chairperson 17-18

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