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11/25 Cathwel Boys Outing

Dear OC Community,

On November 25th, 2017, Cathwel Boys had our second outing which was equally if not more amazing than the first! In the morning, we took the kids to rock climb and they all had a lot of fun cheering others on to reach the top. We then took them back to school where they ate wonderful food and Texas Rangers Fried Chicken even sponsored half of it! Soon after, we took the boys to the Middle School Gym and played basketball, tennis, and a bunch more other sports/games with the kids. Lastly, the kids were greeted with a wide variety of ice cream flavors and other sweets to end the day. We would like to once again thank Ms. Jennifer Wu for sponsoring our lunch with Texas Rangers Fried Chicken and a huge thank you Mr. Arnold and Ms. Shiao yet again for chaperoning and sponsoring our outing!

Also, thank you to everyone who came to this outing!

Felicia Y. (9)

Evelyn L. (10)

April T. (11)

Arthur C. (11)

Caroline C. (11)

Charlotte C. (11)

Ethan C. (11)

Jason W. (11)

Sarah S. (11)

William O. (11)

Bryan L. (12)

Elsa L. (12)

Jing T. (12)

Melody C. (12)

Scott K. (12)

Simon O. (12)


Cathwel Boys Chairpersons 2017-2018

Anne T. (11) & Eddie M. (11)

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