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11/29-11/30 Sweatshirts and Gifts Christmas Sale

Dear OC Community,

We had a very successful Christmas sale on November 29 and 30. As a result of your support, we were able to sell numerous student-designed Orphanage Club sweatshirts and a wide variety of Christmas decorations. Thank you to our sponsors Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Koh for making this sale possible. We sincerely appreciate all the members for helping price and sell items.

(12) Charissa C.

(12) Melissa C.

(12) Jenny J.

(12) Sophie J.

(12) Serena K.

(12) Christine L.

(12) Jing Yi N.

(12) Patricia P.

(11) Clarence A.

(11) Melody C.

(11) Bryan L.

(11) Ruchel P.

(11) Cassandra Y.

(10) Joon K.

(10) William O.

(10) Anne T.

(9) Anne H.

(9) Yasmin L.

(8) Annie B.

(8) Annabelle H.

(8) Jackie S.

(8) Tiffany T.


Clarence A. (11)

Sweatshirts/Gifts Chairperson 16-17

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