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2/11 Cathwel Babies Outing

Dear OC Community,

On February 11th, 2017, we had another Cathwel Babies outing! For this outing, the kids spent an exciting and relaxing day at Ms. Cynthia H.’s Kindergarten. The members bonded especially well with the babies, making this a very successful outing. Special thanks to Ms. Cynthia H for making this outing possible by letting us use her kindergarten, providing a delicious lunch, and going above and beyond by preparing gifts for all the kids! Special thanks also to Ms. Shieh, Ms. Sheu, Ms. Pannell, and Mr. Tsai for chaperoning, ensuring a safe and smooth outing!  

Thank you to the following people who made the outing possible: 

(12) Charissa C.

(12) Megan Y.

(11) Ariel L. 

(11) Derek S. 

(11) Erica L. 

(11) Ruchel P. 

(11) Su Jin P. 

(9) Anne H. 

(9) Yasmin L. 

(8) Jackie S. 

(8) Lucy K.

(8) Megan L.

(8) Rachel N. 

(8) Ting Yu Y. 

(6) Carrie H. 

(6) Chia Shuan Y. 

(6) Emily H. 


Cathwel Babies Chairperson ’16 – ’17

Jenny J. (12) 

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