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2/24 FIVE Lesson

Dear OC community,

We had a FIVE lesson on Friday, February 24th. While quite a few tutors were absent due to various school activities, many of the students from the School for the Visually Impaired were also absent. Thank you to those students who either joined us as a substitute tutor just for this lesson or tutors who substituted for other tutors. Thank you to Ms. Tang as well for chaperoning the lesson. Finally, thank you to all these tutors for their hard work after an incredibly busy week:

(12) Brandon Y.

(12) Caroline C.

(12) Jingyi N.

(12) Patricia P.

(12) William H.

(11) Bryan L.

(11) Cassandra Y.

(11) Catherine Y.

(11) Jonathan H.

(11) Christine C.

(11) Kurt P.

(11) Soozie C.

(10) Anne T.

(10) Ethan C.

(10) Matthew L.

(10) Nicole L.

(10) Ruei-En T.

(10) Sherry C.

(9) Evelyn L.


Isabelle Y. (12)

FIVE Chairperson 16-17

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