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2/25 Book Workday

Dear OC community,

On Saturday, February 25th we had our first workday for the upcoming book sale. We successfully sorted a good portion of the books and even got to pricing the children’s books. Many people showed up throughout the day, including a good number of high school and middle school students. We were also able to finish on time. Overall, the workday went smoothly. Thank you to the sponsors, Mr. Arnold and Ms. Koh, as well as Mr. Sorensen and his daughter for coming. Also, thank you to the following people who came:

(12) Charissa C.

(12) Isabelle Y.

(12) Jonathan C.

(12) Patricia P.

(11) Juliane C.

(11) Kurt P.

(11) Melody L.

(11) Ray C.

(11) Ruchel P.

(11) Soozie C.

(10) Anne T.

(10) April T.

(10) Ethan C.

(10) Joon K.

(10) Nicole L.

(10) Matthew L.

(9) Yasmin L.

(8) Brandon K.

(8) Issac C.

(8) Jackie S.

(8) Justin Y.

(8) Kelly Y.

(8) Rachel N.

(8) Tiffany T.

(7) Jonathan Y.


Vivian N. (11) and Bryan L. (11)

Rummage Co-Chairs 2016-17

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