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2018-2019 First Cathwel Boys Outing!

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On the 29th of September 2018, we held our first Cathwel Outing of the school year! The outing was a great success as the kids and students interacted really well with each other. We had an excellent time at the E7 arcade in the morning, then had a delicious catered lunch back in the school cafeteria, and topped the day off with some final sports bonding in the high school gym. For the first outing of the year, it went as well as we could have hoped, with new student additions to the outings bonding really well with their Cathwel buddies. A truly huge thank you needs to go out to Mr. Arnold and Ms. Shiao for their continued sponsorship and everloving support of Cathwel Outings. Also a special thank you to April Tsai (12) and Daniel Liu (10) who filled in as substitute outing chairs this time.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing event!

Peter Chiu (12)

Arthur Chu (12)

Justin Zhou (12)

Chloe Chen (12)

Audrey Yang (12)

Jason Weng (12)

William Ok (12)

Shin-Yi Chu (12)

David Wang (12)

April Tsai (12)

Shawn Kao (11)

Daniel Liu (10)

William Goodrich (10)

Erin Huang (10)

Brian Chen (10)

Felicia Yeh (10)


Cathwel Boys’ Chairpersons 2018-2019

Eddie Margolis & Annie Cho

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