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2018 - 2nd Cathwel Outing

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

The November 3rd outing was a tremendous success. Everyone really enjoyed rock climbing, the lunch was delicious, and the kids had a blast playing at the baseball park. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing event, especially the continued support from members, Ms. Shiao, and Mr. Arnold. 

We hope everyone can keep participating in these awesome outings!

George Lee (12)

William Goodrich (10)

Felicia Yeh (10)

Sarah Su (12)

Audrey Yang (12)

Jason Weng (12)

Arthur Chu (12)

April Tsai (12)

Ian Ho (10)

Erin Huang (10)

Justin Zhou (12)

William Ok (12)

Daniel Liu (10)

Shin-Yi Chu (12)

Jasmine Liou (11)

Brian Chen (10)

Shawn Kao (11)

Yours sincerely,

Eddie Margolis and Annie Cho

Cathwel Boys' Chairpersons 18-19

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