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2018 - 2nd Chungyi Outing

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

Apologies for the late reassessment. Our second outing on the 11th of November was amazing thanks to everyone who contributed. We brought the younger kids to the amusement park where they enjoyed themselves immensely! Thanks to all the old members as well as new members for taking the time to join our outing! We also owe huge thanks to Mr. Arnold and Ms. Chao, as well as Mr. Ives' family and our other chaperone, Scott.

We really hope to see you all again at our next outing!

Zoe Yong (8)

Selina Lu (9)

Reine Chang (9)

Sabrina Chang (10)

Alice Chiang (10)

Austin Wang (10)

Juliane Vaughan (10)

Brian Chen (10)

Matthew Chuang (10)

Samuel Liu (10)

Annie Cho (11)

Jessie Hsu (11)

Allison Kuo (11)

Andy Xu (11)

Andrew Chou (12)

Arthur Chu (12)

Bianca Tseng (12)

Ethan Chen (12)

Eddie Margolis (12)

Matthew Lo (12)

Peter Chiu (12)


Anne Tan (12), April Tsai (12) and Chloe Yong (11)

Your Chungyi Chairpersons 18-19

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