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2019 - 4th Chungyi Outing

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On April 14th, 2019, Chung-Yi had our fourth outing of the academic year. Not only was this the first time in a while where we took the kids to the Taipei Zoo in the morning, but this was the second combined outing - of the older and younger kids - in a row! This outing was unfortunately the last outing our two seniors, April T. and Anne T., were in charge of planning. However, the outing could not have gone smoother as there were many happy faces and close bonds formed by the end of the day.

After having enjoyed a hearty meal catered to Taipei American School in the afternoon, the younger kids had great fun playing in the Kindergarten cave while the older kids went to play basketball and other games in the Lower School gymnasium. At the end of the day, they all got to enjoy a delicious cup of 統一布丁 (custard pudding) thanks to the wonderful help of Ms. Ellen Woon and Mr. Adrian Yong in helping us get the pudding to school.

We’d also like to give a special thank you to Ms. Liwen Chao and Mr. Richard Arnold for chaperoning the event. This outing was as successful as it was thanks to many adults who graciously made time for this outing; thank you Ms. Sirisha Doddapaneni, Ms. Kara Goodrich, Ms. Linda Chang, Ms. Theresa Wang, Ms. Mei-Ying Tseng, Ms. Jasmine Wang, Ms. Su Fen Chen, Ms. Ya-Pi Huang, Ms. Li-Na Yang, Ms. Rachel Huang, Ms. Sylvia Lee, Ms. Lily, and Ms. Kelly Wang for helping us. Most importantly, this outing would not have been possible if it weren’t for

Zoe Y. (8)

Reine C. (9)

Will K. (9)

Raji R. (9)

Vienna S. (9)

Lucas W. (9)

Alice C. (10)

Brian C. (10)

Matthew C. (10)

William G. (10)

Elaine H. (10)

Erin H. (10)

Jacob H. (10)

Daniel L. (10)

Madeline M. (10)

Preston T. (10)

Austin W. (10)

Julianne V. (11)

Andrew C. (12)

Ethan C. (12)

Peter C. (12)

Norika H. (12)

Maggie L. (12)

Matthew L. (12)

Eddie M. (12)

Without the help of everyone mentioned above, our outing wouldn’t have been as wonderful as it were for the kids at Chung-Yi. Once again, thank you all for being so kind in helping Orphanage Club brighten the days of all our little sisters and brothers at the Chung-Yi Orphanage.


Chung-Yi Chairpersons 2018-2019

Chloe Y. (11), April T. (12), and Anne T. (12)

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