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2019 PTA Spring Fair

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On Saturday April 20th, the Orphanage Club held two booths at the PTA Annual Spring Fair. At our Selling Booth located in front of the lobby, we sold limited items, such as Samsonite turtle bags, bejeweled chess pieces, reading glasses, and more. At our Games booth located in the parking lot, we held two games: bean bag toss and ring toss. Both booths were extremely successful, with a grand total earning of 15,000 NT. Our booths would not have been successful without the help of all of our committed and dedicated friends of Orphanage Club! We would like to give special thanks to our club sponsor Mr. Richard Arnold for his guidance, Ms. Maria Ting for her much-needed assistance and support, and our club members that came to help out at the booths on this excruciatingly hot summer day.

Thank you to the following people that came:

Gemma C. (10)

Kelly Y. (10)

Rachel N. (10)

Tiffany T. (10)

Jacob H. (10)

Brian C. (10)

Erin H. (10)

Daniel L. (10)

Matthew L. (12)

Julianne V. (10)

Andrew C. (12)

Isaac C. (11)

Cindy L. (11)

Zoe Y. (8)

Jackie S. (10)

Annie B. (10)

Amanda T. (10)

Raji R. (9)

Chloe Y. (11)

Ian H. (10)

William G. (10)

William O. (12)

Eddie M. (12)

Miriam C. (9)

Rachel Y. (9)

Michael L. (12)

Vera F. (9)

Ivy L. (9)

Sienna C. (9)

Arun R. (11)

Aimee C. (9)


Erin and Julianne

Games and Gifts Chairpersons 2019-20

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