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2020 December Book Sale Workday

Dear Orphanage Club Community and National Honour Society,

On Saturday, December 5th, 2020, we had our monthly Book sale Workday, where we sort, price, and rebox donated books from the week. We had many volunteers, 27 to be exact come to help sort out books and transport them to Jiantan. Which will hopefully be sold next year in late March at the Book sale.

Throughout the week before the Book sale, we had multiple generous donations of books from parents, teachers, students, and Alumni's. While sorting out these books, we found many that were brand new and in very good condition so I hope we can sell them and earn a lot of money. The volunteers from NHS and OC were very efficient in their sorting, pricing, and reboxing. We finished emptying all the boxes into the right categories very quickly and spent most of our time pricing and reboxing.

Thank you to Mr. Jayson Limmer for helping me promote the Book sale donation week by projecting the Book sale donation poster up onto the monitors!

Thank you to the NHS officers for sending out the email asking for volunteers on my behalf.

Since the Book sale workday was pushed to the week after people could donate books, the alumni office allowed us to temporarily store the books until the workday. While the security guards helped us retrieve them this morning.

Thank you to Ms. Connie Ma from the Alumni Office for helping us set out the donations boxes and letting us hold the donated books in your office.

Thank you to Ms. Jessica Lin and Mr. Michael Dodge for letting us use the MPR for the whole day.

Thank you to the Security guards for opening up the Alumni office for us.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Mr. Arnold for helping me out with contacting Ms. Ma, Ms. Lin, and Mr. Dodge for me. I am very grateful for your support this year!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the students that helped make this event possible:

Enya T. (10)

Rachel C. (10)

Audrey H. (10)

Stevin Y. (10)

Kristine C. (10)

Katharine L. (10)

Kati C. (10)

Emma K. (10)

Erin S.R (10)

Dylan C. (10)

Rachel C. (10)

Andreea L. (11)

Kristin C. (11)

Celine y. (11)

Ines B.G (11)

Jeffrey L. (11)

Jane L. (11)

Jackie Shaw (12)

David Wang (12)

Austin Wang (12)

Sydnie C. (12)

Alice C. (12)

Kara M. (12)

Julianne V. (12)

Erin H. (12)

Sorry if I forgot anyone! I couldn't have done it without all of your help, there were a lot of books this month and it was great to see so many of you come and help. So thank you all for your help!


Book sales Chairperson 20-21 Gemma Chang (12)

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