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2020 Hunger Day and Food Drive

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, we had our semi-annual Hunger Day, where donation booths were set up all day. We successfully raised around 60,000 NTD, which will go to Oxfam America, American Friends Service Committee, and World Vision Taiwan.

Thank you to Ms. Ping Kao, Dr. Dan Long, Ms. Jessica Lin, and Ms. Eunice Tan for helping us ensure that this event would be successful.

Thank you to all the faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students who stopped by the booths and gave generously.

Throughout the week before Hunger Day, a number of Orphanage Club Chairpersons taught Hunger Lessons to the Lower School. 16 out of 47 Lower School homeroom teachers requested a lesson. The lessons were well-received and we had a lot of positive feedback from the homeroom teachers.

Thank you especially to Mr. Rick Rabon for your continuous generosity and support. Hunger Lessons would not have been possible without you.

Thank you to all the Lower School teachers, staff, and students for warmly welcoming Orphanage Club into their classrooms. We truly appreciate all the encouragement and feedback.

Thank you to Mr. Jayson Limmer for helping us photograph lessons and promote Hunger Day.

Prior to the week of Lower School Hunger Lessons, we invited Ms. Mishaal Khan from Oxfam America to present an overview of Oxfam's work, as well as what they have done to help address hunger issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis in Yemen. The presentation was conducted live via Zoom. We had a full room of students that were eager to participate in this unique opportunity.

Thank you especially to Ms. Mishaal Khan for staying up and giving such an informational presentation to us.

Thank you to Ms. Brittany Lin for helping us coordinate with Oxfam and making everything go smoothly.

Additionally on Hunger Day, we held a food drive in collaboration with the Alumni Office. We collected items such as masks, canned goods, milk powder, instant noodles, and hand soap from the TAS community. All donations, totaling 13 boxes, were mailed to Taitung Food Bank (台東幸福食物銀行) to help underprivileged families in Taitung, especially during this challenging time of the pandemic.

Thank you to Ms. Connie Ma and Ms. Shan Lee from the Alumni Office for organizing this event. Thank you to Ms. Shonda Hall from the PTA for helping us publicize the food drive to parents. Thank you to Ms. Kathy Cutler for helping us pack up the donations. Thank you to Mr. Value Huang from the Mailroom for coordinating with the post office and ensuring that all our packages were mailed successfully. Thank you to all the parents and alumni for the generous donations. We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Richard Arnold and Ms. Maria Ting for helping us organize all these events and for the continued support throughout the semester. Finally, we would like to thank all the students that helped make these events possible: Andrew C. (7) Bryce C. (7) Hailey C. (7) Ava F. (7) Suri Y. (7) Rachel C. (10) Cailey J. (10) Jay Ann K. (10) Veronica K. (10) Reese R. (10) Erin S. (10) Ivan W. (10) Vincent C. (11) Andrew H. (11) Kaitlyn H. (11) Sydney H. (11) Veronica H. (11) Andreea L. (11) Danielle L. (11) Gloria L. (11) Jane L. (11) Jeffrey L. (11) Lana L. (11) Charlotte C. (12) Dorothy C. (12) Gemma C. (12) Sabrina C. (12) Erin H. (12) Rachel N. (12) Jackie S. (12) Tiffany T. (12) Kelly Y. (12) Ting-Yu Y. (12) We are sincerely sorry for any omissions. Each and everyone of you helped make these events possible and a success. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Hunger Day Chairpersons 20-21 and Pack & Mail Chairpersons 20-21 Sienna C. (11) & Vera F. (11) and Ivy L. (11) & Charlotte L. (12)

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