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3/3 FIVE Lesson

Dear OC community,

On Friday, we had a FIVE lesson. Despite several tutors being absent due to school activities, the lesson was able to run as usual. Thank you to tutors who substituted or who taught multiple students; the lesson really could not have been possible without you. I would also like to thank to Ms. Larissa for chaperoning the lesson, and all of the following tutors for their hard work:

(12) Brandon Y.

(12) Caroline C.

(12) Harris C.

(12) Jingyi N.

(12) Mitchell W.

(12) Patricia P.

(12) William H.

(11) Bryan L.

(11) Cassandra Y.

(11) Christine C.

(11) Kurt P.

(10) Anne T.

(10) Ethan C.

(10) Matthew L.

(10) Nicole L.

(10) Shereen L.

(10) Sherry C.

(9) Cindy L.

(9) Emily H.

(9) Evelyn L.

(9) Jocelyn L.

(7) Camryn R.


Isabelle Y. (12)

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