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8/19 Rummage Workday

Dear OC Community,

On August 19th, we had the first rummage workday before the September sale. Overall, this workday was successful. There were plenty of people who came to help, and most of them stayed for a few hours. We managed to fill several RFS boxes and organized numerous BB boxes. Thank you to everyone who came to help and we hope to see you on the rummage workday next Saturday as well!

Thank you to the following members and especially Ms. Betty and Mr. Kevin who came to help!

(12) Cassandra Y.

(12) Melody L.

(12) Ruchel P.

(12) Clarence A.

(12) Bryan L.

(12) Kurt P.

(11) Matthew L.

(11) Ethan C.

(11) William O.

(11) Anne T.

(11) Arthur C.

(11) Nicole L.

(11) April T.

(11) Julian W.

(11) Jeremy T.

(10) Isaac C.

(10) Yasmin L.

(9) Rachel N.

(9) Dokyong R.

(9) Jackie S.

(9) Ting-Yu Y.


William O. (11) and Matthew L. (11)

Rummage Co-Chairpersons 2017-18

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