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9/22 Final Rummage Sale!

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On Saturday September 22, the Rummage committee held its possibly final Rummage Sale at TAS, during which we sold the donations that have priced during the 5 Saturday Rummage Workdays. The sale was a tremendous success, aswe were able to sell the majority of the items we had, making a total of over 300,000NT including donations during the event. The majority of our leftover items were brought back to our storage unit to be donated to communities in Africa, the Philippines, or to Orchid Island to our pack and mail event. The unsold books were sent to be recycled.

We would like to thank our club sponsor Mr. Arnold for his dedication to the rummage committee. We would also like to thank all the 50+ adult volunteers that came to help set up booths and sell during the sale, including teachers, friends, and TAS staff. We also like to thank of the members who took time off their Saturday to come help us during the sale.

On the day of the sale, many members showed up very early for setup, and we were able to get that done in a timely manner. We were able to do something that we never did before – sell books alongside items. The sale also went well, the weather remaining sunny despite the forecasts predicting a thundershower. Due to the great weather, we had a record high amount of customers, both outdoors and within the cafeteria. We were able to clean up speedily due to selling the majority of our stockpile.

Thank you to all who came:

(12) Albert H.

(12) Allison Y.

(12) Andrew C.

(12) Anne T.

(12) April T.

(12) Arthur C.

(12) Chloe C.

(12) Eddie M.

(12) Ethan C.

(12) George L.

(12) Jeffery L.

(12) Jeremy T.

(12) Matthew L.

(12) Mike K.

(12) Nathan C.

(12) Shin-Yi C.

(12) William O.

(11) Arun R.

(11) Chloe Y.

(11) Cindy L.

(11) Isaac C.

(11) Renee C.

(10) Aaron S.

(10) Amanda T.

(10) Annie B.

(10) Brian C.

(10) Charlotte L.

(10) Daniel L.

(10) Dokyong R.

(10) Emma K.

(10) Erin H.

(10) Gemma C.

(10) Ian H.

(10) Jackie S.

(10) Julianne V.

(10) Lena S.

(10) Louis A.

(10) Matthew C.

(10) Michael W.

(10) Preston T.

(10) Rachel N.

(10) Tiffany T.

(10) Ting-Yu Y.

(9) Amber T.

(9) Charlotte Y.

(9) Ivy L.

(9) Rachel Y.

(9) Raji R.

(9) Sienna C.

(9) Vera F.

(8) Zoe Y.

(6) Charlene C.

(6) Seo-Yun K.

(5) Sae-Him K.


Rummage Chairpersons 2018-2019

Arthur Chu, William Ok, Isaac Chen

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