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9/9 Rummage Workday

Dear OC Community,

On September 9th, we had the fourth rummage workday before the September sale. Although this was supposed to be our last workday, due to the amount of unfinished work we have left in the basement, we may have another workday this Saturday. The workday was successful as we had many people show up, especially the adult helpers who came along. We managed to price most of the clothing and we basically finished sorting everything as well. Thank you to the following members and especially Claire, Angela, Robert, Evelyn, Jason, Effie, Ms. Betty Sun, and Mr. Kevin Molroy who came to help!

(12) Melody C.

(12) Cassandra Y.

(12) Clarence A.

(12) Ruchel P.

(12) Kurt P.

(12) Juliane C.

(12) Bryan L.

(11) Matthew L.

(11) Ethan C.

(11) William O.

(11) April T.

(11) Arthur C.

(11) Anne T.

(11) Jeremy T.

(11) Eddie M.

(11) Jonathan H.

(11) Jeffrey H.

(10) Isaac C.

(10) Renee C.

(10) Chloe Y.

(9) Rachel N.

(9) Jackie S.

(9) Ian H.

(9) Ting-Yu Y.

(9) Justin T.

(9) Nicole S.

(9) Julianne V.

(9) Preston T.

(9) Ian H.

(9) Stella C.


William O. (11) and Matthew L. (11)

Rummage Co-Chairpersons 2017-18

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