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Chungyi Meeting

Arriving at 9:30, the volunteers were paired with their Chungyi buddies, giving them time to reconnect with the adorable children. At first, some children were a bit shy, so we passed out toys such as stuffed animals or squishy pens which piqued their attention. This led to our first game, which separated the children into two teams, where each team participated in a timed color-sorting game. Everyone showed outstanding sportsmanship and the children quickly picked up that the toys we had given them could also be sorted into different colors. Then, we participated in a charades and pictionary game, giving our members images to have their students guess. Finally, we participated in athletic games with the students, using their playground equipment.

The activities were a success, creating interactive environments and exchanges of excitement from the kids. We hope this was a learning experience (or a workout) for all the members and children at Chungyi, and an unforgettable experience for all!

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