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Chungyi Recap

In our first Chungyi Outing, everyone met up at school early in the morning, at 8, and headed together to the MRT, where we successfully arrived at the Chungyi Social Welfare Center around 9:30. This is something we experimented with this year to get to know all volunteers better, and it turned out very successful! There, the volunteers were paired with their Chungyi buddies, who were overwhelmingly adorable. At first, some children were a bit shy, but after an activity of creating Turkey hats, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the kids not only warmed up but showcased their artistic abilities. All members showed their dedication in making hats for their students, which many kept on for the remainder of the outing. Then, we experimented with different obstacle courses for the children, fueling friendly competition. Overall, the experience was memorable for both TAS members and the students, creating a lasting bond that will hopefully continue to grow through future outings!

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