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Hunger Week Wrap-up!

Orphanage Club’s bi-annual hunger week aims to raise awareness for world hunger, its effect on countries and communities across the world, its relationship with poverty, as well as what we, as privileged individuals, can do to help minimize its damage. Through Lower & middle school lessons (taught by both us students and ms teachers), OC hoped to educate our community. and, through hunger day donation booths, the money raised will be donated to multiple organizations to fight world hunger.

Through several donation booth locations set up around school, the hunger day committee raised 72,025 NTD!! All proceeds will be donated to fight and tackle world hunger. It will be split evenly between: OXFAM, American friends service, as well as Worldvision taiwan.

In terms of Hunger Lessons, from Monday 11/14 to Friday 11/18, 20 Upper school students dedicated their time and energy to construct and teach 13 Lower School classes (over 200 students!). The Hunger Day chair members also coordinated with the Middle School department to organize Homeroom lessons on Tuesday 11/14, and Wednesday 11/15 to teach all Middle School students about World Hunger. Overall, students learned about poverty and its relationship to hunger, the poverty trap, food insecurity, as well as our own privilege.

Overall, thank you to everyone who helped out this year to bring yet another successful Hunger Week!

Also, Mark your calendars for the spring 3/13-3/17 hunger week! Lessons will be updated and donations will be collected on 3/14. Stay tuned!

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