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Pack and Mail 11/18

On November 18th, we held the Pack and Mail Winter Mailing Workday where we packed supplies for 180 families on Orchid Island.

Everyone’s eagerness to help and our efficient assembly line greatly expedited the packing process. Although we initially planned for the workday to last until 2:00 pm, we finished more than three hours early!

Right after the work session, we were able to deliver the packages to the post office just before they closed.

All of the packages were safely delivered to Orchid Island last week!

We would also like to thank Mr. Arnold and Ms. Tsai for always supporting us and continuing to guide us through the challenges and difficulties we faced during this process.

Finally, thank you to everyone else who signed up for a shift! Even though our workday ended much earlier than expected, we really appreciate you all for offering to help.

This event ran smoothly and was such a large success because of everyone’s help! Thank you!

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