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September Rummage Sale

Dear OC Community,

On September 24th, we finally had our rummage sale! Generally, the sale was a success. We sort of managed to set up the items before 10 before crowds of people came pouring in. There was a chair at each booth to sell. More members came to the sale overtime, making the sale lively. Everyone was such hardworking! Overall, we made 230000 NT! A lot of members came for the cleanup, which allowed us to efficiently finished around 9, which then we proceeded to go for dinner at Mary’s!

Thanks to all the following members who came!!!

(12) Charissa C. (12) Isabelle Y. (12) Jenny L. (12) JingYi N. (12) Melissa C. (12) Stefanie M. (11) Andrew C. (11) Andrew C. (11) Bryan L. (11) Christine W. (11) Claire M. (11) Clarence A. (11) Derek S. (11) Elsa L. (11) Juliane C. (11) Melody C. (11) Melody L. (11) Nicole A. (11) Ruchel P. (11) Sujin P. (11) Vivian N. (10) Anne T. (10) April T. (10) Darren F. (10) Eddie M. (10) Emily H. (10) Ethan C. (10) Matthew L. (10) Mike K. (10) Nicole L. (10) William O. (9) Evelyn L. (9) Isaac C. (8) Annie B. (8) Ashish P. (8) Brandon K. (8) Jackie S. (8) Lucy K. (8) Megan L. (8) Rachel N. (8) Tiffany T. (8) Ting-Yu Y. (7) Cameryn R. (6) Carrie H. (6) Jonathan C.


Bryan L. (11) and Vivian N. (11)

Rummage Co-Chairpersons 2016-17

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