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Syria/Turkey Fundraising event

Syria and Turkey were recently hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated millions of people as well as broke down crucial infrastructure. Syria and Turkey are currently experiencing an extreme humanitarian crisis, prompting the TAS Orphanage Club to host fundraising events via the Fundraising branch of OC to host donation opportunities to support the regions. Therefore, Orphanage Club will be having 3 donation booths on Thursday and Friday (3/16-17) to help assist these people in need: one under the skybridge, one in the hallway outside the cafeteria near the MPR, and one right outside the lobby. We will be donating to the Syrian American Medical Society for medical care and resources, Save the Children to help reunite families and support children affected by the disaster, Give Light to aid orphans, and Red Crescent Turkey for search & rescue teams and basic relief items.

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