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2018 Autumn Flea Market

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Dear Orphanage Club community,

On October 27th, we had our Flea Market. We sold about 41 tables during registration. During the Flea Market, we helped unload customers' items and bring them to their tables. We also had our own booths in the MPR hallway and cafeteria.. Although we didn't have any restaurants this time, we did sell apple juice. We earned a total of around 74,000NT!

Thank you to Mr. Arnold for helping contact people to help us. We also want to thank Ms. Angela Sheu and Ms. Amy Cheng for helping registration run smoothly. We also thank Ms. Cheng for her suggestions and help during the sale. Thank you also to Ms. Goodrich for helping out with selling!

Thank you to everyone who came to help:

Ethan C. (12)

George L. (12) Matthew L. (12) Jeremy T. (12) Arthur C. (12) Star S. (12)

Chloe Y. (11)

Cindy L. (11)

William G. (10)

Brian C. (10)

Erin H. (10)

Daniel L. (10)

Tiffany T. (10)

Amanda T. (10)

Preston T. (10)

Dorothy C. (10)

Vera F. (9)

Ivy L. (9)

Reine C. (9)

Sienna C. (9)

Zoe Y. (8)

Charlene C. (6)

Seo-yun K. (6)

If we missed your name, we're sincerely sorry and thank you for helping make the Flea Market a success!

Sincerely, Jackie S. (10) & Rachel N. (10) Flea Market Chairpersons 18-19

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