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2021 - End of the Year FIVE Party

Dear Orphanage Club Community,

On April 30th, we had our End-of-the-Year FIVE Party at the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired (TSVI) to celebrate the conclusion of a full year of tutoring. During the party, we enjoyed a total of 13 wonderful performances from TSVI students and TAS tutors. At the end of the party, we recognized the six graduating TSVI seniors and gave out best student awards and full attendance awards. The party drew a year of hard work to a joyous end as we look forward to another year of tutoring.

A special thank you to Mr. Zheng, Ms. Lu, Ms. Wang, and Mr. Wu from TSVI, and our sponsors Ms. Sophie Tsai, Ms. Stacey Ward, Ms. Elisa Velasquez, and Ms. Brenda Lin for helping us plan and facilitate the party.

Thank you to our guests Mr. Andrew Lowman, Ms. Jill Fagen, Dr. Nathan Smith, and Ms. Evelyn Chen for their support for the party.

Thank you Mr. Lowman and Ms. Hung for helping us prepare gifts for the TSVI seniors.

Thank you to Mr. Richard Arnold for his continuous input and support throughout the planning process.

Thank you to our performers for bringing such spectacular performances to the party.

Lastly, special thanks to Vera F., Ivy L., and Ian H. for taking pictures and videos at the last minute.

Finally, we would like to recognize all the tutors who have tirelessly contributed their Friday nights to FIVE:

Andrew C. (7)

Bryce C.(7)

Cathy Y. (7)

Le Ann K. (7)

Chloe H. (9)

Chloe L.(9)

Lenna S. (9)

Michelle A. (9)

Austin L. (10)

Brian C. (10)

Jay Ann K.(10)

Nathan L. (11)

Patrick H. (11)

Reine C. (11)

Sabrina H. (11)

Sharon L. (11)

Sienna C. (11)

Vera F. (11)

Veronica H. (11)

Vienna S. (11)

Ivy L. (11)

Alex C. (12)

Amanda D. (12)

Emily C. (12)

Jack B. (12)

Justin Y. (12)

Ian H. (12)

Megan L. (12)

Madeleine M. (12)

Richard W. (12)

We are sincerely sorry for any omissions.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this event possible. Thank you so much!


FIVE Chairpersons 2020-21

Kelly Y. (12), Charlotte C. (12), and Andrew H. (11)

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