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Hunger Week (Spring)

TAS Orphanage Club’s bi-annual Hunger Week (Spring) is quickly approaching! From 3/14-3/17 Upper school students will work together with the LS and MS departments to educate and teach students about world hunger. Through 15-20 minute lessons, OC hopes to raise awareness about world hunger, how it affects virtually every country, and what we can do to help. We hope to make the TAS community more conscious and cognizant of our own privilege, as well as mobilize the community to support the fight against world hunger. That is why, on 11/15, we will be raising money to donate to organizations such as OXFAM America, American Friends Association, as well as WorldVision Taiwan. Donation booths can be found outside the lobby, in US, LS, and MS areas (MPR for MS). We raised over 200,000 NTD last year, so let’s work together to beat our record! You can donate with cash or via ID card, and if you would like to make a donation online, please contact the OC email (, or through instagram messages (@tasorphanageclub). Let’s work together to make the world a better place!

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